Personal Logo Design

"It would be cool to have a personal logo" - Me

I said that a really long time ago. Design after design I never liked anything I came up with. Let's follow the journey of finding my personal logo.

Attempt 1:


I took a photo of myself and traced it, coming up with this. A combination of my name and an image. Although I liked it, it didn't look professional or like a logo. Looked only like an illustration. This design lived as gaming profiles for a short time.

Attempt 2:

BUsiness Card.png

This second time around, I wanted it simple. I also wanted to combine my passion for social media with my name. By stacking the four T's in my name I came across a 'hashtag' looking symbol. I like it, it worked, so I printed it on 250 business cards. 236 which I still have around today.

Attempt 3:

So third times the charm, right? In my Typography and Logo Design Course during my senior year at Bloomsburg I had to create a logo of some kind. I knew that here I was going to find that logo.

Website Logo Try 1.png
batman logo.jpg

Seen above was round one of drafts. I tried combining my initials into squares and circles. It kind of worked. Until someone said it looked like Batman...

logo try 2.png

Second round of drafts came around and I tried a few things. As cool as Batman is, I needed something new. I rotated everything, just hoping something would happen. Funny enough, it did. I came across a funny shape, something that would soon help me cement a final logo.

logo try 3.png

This shape. I looked at the negative space and saw potential. I saw the M but what about the C? Again, I looked at the negative space. The C would live right below the M.

rng m logo.png

Right in front of my eyes I saw it evolve, I was finally doing it. It still wasn't finished. You could understand the C but the M. There was something else I could do.

Main Logo Green111.png

With the addition of a few rectangles, my logo was finally complete. An emblem that represented me. Something that people would understand. Something that could live on a website, on a business card or even a letterhead. Most importantly, I was happy with it. I received a lot of positive feedback from classmates after they followed the evolution.  

Main Logo Green111.png

Except for the person who said it looked like the Philly Phanatic...