MVP Clubhouse

A mentor of mine, Dr. Thomas Tanner, reached out to me in October of 2019 about working on working with a client of his. He said it was just a simple social media gig to get me some experience. Sooner than later I was working with the owner, Dave Yost, on ways to grow his business showing him techniques and ideas he never even knew about. This opportunity really helped develop my skills and show me that this is what I want to do.

It was with MVP Clubhouse that I started to use Hootsuite as the main way of posting content. It was my job to focus on curating content for our target demographic as well as finding ways to extend our reach by coming up with unique ways to interact with our customers through social media.

One way was to introduce videos, workout plans and instructional videos so when customers would come into the business they would be able to stay busy and use the equipment in a way that they could benefit them.

Over the 5 months I worked with MVP, I grew their Facebook Likes by 6%, increased their Facebook post engagement by 36% after the first 3 months and increased their Instagram engagement by 42% in the first 3 months

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